Obsidian National Forest

11: &

Originally released 07.07.2019

Have you come for a story? Do you want to know about owls? Let's watch and see what happens. Season Two begins here.

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10: Skogshäxa 

Originally released 10.15.2018

Many possibilities wait in this place, many possibilities, just on the other side, waiting there.

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09: War of the Trash Hole

Originally released 10.15.2018

Hidden places and secret weapons bring surprise twists and final confrontations.

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08: Out of Nothing

Originally released 09.24.2018

Once upon a time, there was nothing. Then, something happened.


07: Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls

Originally released 09.10.2018

An unexpected return stirs obscured memories. Also, there's a pile of skulls.


06: The Raccoon Box

Originally released 08.27.2018

A strange influence threatens the balance between brother and sister...id and ego...owl and raccoon. 



05: Something That Rhymes With Love

Originally released 08.13.2018 

The river brings a new friend with an air of mystery and a penchant for verse.



04: Bright Tongues of Murder

Originally released 07.09.2018

The clouds roll in. Voices echo in the rain. Freaky creatures emerge.


03: Time for the Puppet Show 

Originally released 06.25.2018

An owl finds a sock in a hole. What's the worst that could happen? 



02: Whispers of the Throat

Originally released 06.11.2018

We need to talk about Brisaac. Specifically, his eating habits.


01: A Place With No Trees

Originally released 04.27.2018

Nature abhors a vacuum, but owls adore a party.