Obsidian National Forest

No. 07: Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls



No. 07: "Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls Skulls"

Originally released 09.10.2018

An unexpected return stirs obscured memories. Also, there's a pile of skulls.

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Site Launch
& Season One



The wind whispers familiar words never heard. The trees creak under the weight of their secrets. Somewhere, something beeps. A website is born. 

Welcome to the new home of Obsidian National Forest. All the ephemera surrounding its stories will congregate here. Currently, you will find the premiere episode, "A Place With No Trees," as well as a number of promotional videos and behind-the-scenes glances. 

On June 11th, the first season of Obsidian National Forest will begin in earnest. The second episode, "Whispers of the Throat," will materialize that day, with further adventures following every two weeks until October. 

In the meantime, things continue happening here. Occurrences. Dalliances. Stuff. Keep checking back, and if these visions do delight your eyes, consider supporting Seames-Ihla Productions on Patreon. Learn about the many rewards that await you via the link on the homepage. 

Welcome to the forest. The owls are waiting.


New Store



The fashions of the forest come alive as the ancient unfathomable spirit of capitalism calls you to spend your money. Each purchase helps to support the creation of the show. 


"What's the Internet?"



The forest is full of stories between stories, secrets within moments, rocks upon trees. How did the rocks get up there? Rocks don't fly. Perhaps it was a witch's curse. Spooky. 

Here you will find promotional videos and other bonus material that will take you deeper into the woods.

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Obsidian National Forest is an animated series created by Andrew Ihla. It is the story of a place where very bad things have happened, and some owls who have no idea about any of it.



Obsidian National Forest is made possible by supporters of Seames-Ihla Productions on Patreon. Patrons are rewarded with early access to new episodes and exclusive bonus content, including commentaries, audio outtakes, behind-the-scenes looks, and process videos. 

In addition to Obsidian National Forest, you'll be supporting other video work by Andrew Ihla, as well as the comics and illustrations of JoJo Seames. 

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