Obsidian National Forest

WEbsite launch: "What's the Internet?"

Originally released 05.07.2018

With the new Obsidian National Forest website going live, Crispin is determined to find out just what the internet is.

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Teaser #3: "Tapes"

Originally released 04.19.2018

Brisaac asks the important questions.

teaser 3 trio in green.jpg

Teaser #2: "Flashlight"

Originally released 04.14.2018

There are things that happen only when people aren't watching.

teaser 1 flashlight.jpg

Patreon Preview

Originally released 03.29.2018

A first look at Obsidian National Forest and the rewards for supporting Seames-Ihla Productions on Patreon.

teaser 1 darktrees.jpg

Teaser #1: "ARbor DAy 1994"

 Originally released 03.21.2018

The first title and release date announcement for Obsidian National Forest.